When it comes to cleaning, refill is the new throwaway.

The refillable household brands that are changing how consumers clean.
This week, we have chosen 3 different sustainable household cleaning brands. We discuss what they are doing to benefit the planet and how, by simply switching their cleaning supplies, consumers can significantly reduce single-use plastic.


Aer refillable hand wash

Aer offers a range of home and personal care products that are completely vegan, organic and cruelty free. Their secret to a more sustainable lifestyle is that their water soluble powdered products are formulated without water. This means that their carbon emissions are reduced by 95% compared to pre-filled liquid alternatives as their products are lighter to ship.

“Their formulations for kitchen, bathroom and glass cleaner come in biodegradable and compostable paper packaging, enabling their refills to truly eliminate single-use containers.”

A subscription scheme allows you to seamlessly and conveniently step closer to a sustainable, zero-waste lifestyle.

With a soap bar for every occasion, their personal care range includes handmade hair, body and face products using natural ingredients to optimise your morning beauty routine. Their packaging is durable, plastic free and home compostable. Made from food waste, the material serves as an oxygen and a microbial barrier that’s impermeable to water making it a great alternative to plastic-coated paper and plastic foils.

From their product range to their innovative packaging, Aer will help you, your home and the planet feel lighter, brighter and cleaner.


Forgo collection of hand washes

The future of hand wash is here. There is no longer a need to buy hand soap in bulk and packaged in single-use plastic. Forgo is the refillable, plastic free hand wash made with 6 essential ingredients in powder form.

"Refilling is made simple. Fast delivery. Easy to store. Made in a minute."

Using their glass bottle to mix your powder to liquid sachet and 250ml of hot tap water couldn’t be simpler. Ready to use in one minute: fill, shake and wait. In 3 signature scents: citrus, wood and neutral, their plant based formulation uses a mild cleanser for a rich foaming lather.

With a choice of 3, 6 and 12 hand wash refills delivered directly to your door, never worry about running out of hand wash again. Refill, recycle and reduce your CO2 emission by 85% with Forgo.


Fill products

Fill is a range of refillable eco laundry, household cleaning & personal care products that aims to reduce packaging waste. Made in a family run factory in Northamptonshire, they use biodegradable ingredients to create simple, modern and effective cleaning products without dyes, harsh chemicals or plastic bottles.

“We set out to create the type of straightforward eco products that we wanted to use, in glass bottles that look cool, so they won’t get thrown away.”

Packaged in screen-printed glass bottles/jars, bag-in-box, post consumer recycled (PCR) containers that are always collected to be refilled, they operate a zero-waste closed loop model. In London, their collaboration with Planet Minimal uses only electric vehicles, delivering Fill products using reusable containers and reduced carbon emissions.

Fill, clean, repeat for plastic free cleaning supplies.

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