Sustainable alternative essentials for your everyday needs.

Three conscious brands that never take shortcuts when it comes to design.
Today we are looking at sustainable lifestyle brands who are making products that are recyclable, long-lasting and well-designed.

Last Object

Last Object product range

Say no to single use products and hello to reusable alternatives with Last object. Their products range from Q-tips to travel kits that include cotton rounds and tissues.

“Replacing single use items is a game changer because of the massive amounts of single-use products that are created. Our mission is to find the single-use items that have the largest negative impact on our environment and then replace them with reusable items.”

Their innovative solution to single-use products work to make the world and its oceans a cleaner place. By choosing to use these products for years to come, you are one step closer to a zero waste lifestyle.

Last Object’s premium products are designed in Denmark, easy to clean and built with high usability to ensure they last for hundreds or even thousands of uses. Using materials such as plant based plastics that are toxin free, recycled ocean plastic or organic cotton which uses fewer resources and chemicals that can harm the environment, their goal is to manufacture products in the most eco-friendly way possible.

LastSwab is the world’s first zero waste swab and it is made from durable yet flexible, high quality, and non-toxic materials which are gentle on the skin. Not only that, but it is highly portable as it comes with a biodegradable carry case so it can be conveniently, hygienically and safely stored away.

Choose products that are made to last, choose Last Object.


Nopla's product range

Nopla says no to plastic and instead produces products made with biodegradable or easy to recycle materials such as bamboo, glass and stainless steel.

“We founded Nopla with the core value of designing everyday products, as user-friendly and sustainable as possible.”

Offering a variety of products including handmade candles, reusable water bottles, bamboo toothbrushes, shampoo, soap and body bars - all made with natural ingredients that are free of palm oil, parabens and sulphates; Nopla has all of your bathroom and BPA-free basics.

Their range of unica candles make the perfect gift or decorative piece for your mantel or table. Handmade in Scotland, using premium soya wax, they are vegan-friendly and paraffin free. With their organic, sculptural form and distinctive navy blue and white terrazzo effect, their two size options means that this can be a standalone object or different shapes can be put together for your own assembly.

With clear and concise information on product care, materials and what to do at the end of the product’s life, Nopla advises you on how to best look after your products. If you find it difficult to choose which products you’d like to try first or perhaps you’re looking for a gift, their cleanse, hydration and travel sets could be a great place to start.

In bold, bright orange, or rich, royal blue, their products are sure to catch your eye.

A Good Company

A Good Company's phone cases

A Good Company is not only approved by us but also certified as a B corp meaning that it meets high standards of social and environmental performance, accountability and transparency.

“Our vision is to help people transform from mindless consumption into making more conscious decisions.”

A Good Company is a carbon-negative, Swedish, sustainable lifestyle brand that produces an extensive range of everyday products. From bamboo toilet paper to notebooks made from recycled stone to the world’s first climate positive mobile phone case, this is a company that looks good, feels good but most importantly, does good.

In their efforts to avoid harmful plastics when manufacturing a phone case, they looked for an organic replacement. They ended up with an 100% biodegradable hardcover case made from waste linseed plants, grown by an ecologically certified farmer in Sweden. As part of their circular system called A Good Loop, customers are able to return their old case once it has served its purpose and swap it for a new one. With their old one easily turned into pellets that can be used for new cases. In addition, for every case sold, a tree is planted as a way of actively removing excess carbon from the atmosphere.

This is just one example of their dedication to people and planet, bringing a sustainable mindset and elegant design to every one of their products.

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