Stylish and sustainable shoes that last longer than a season.

Find the right fit for you by focusing on the future and stepping forward with these three eco-friendly footwear brands.
Companies in almost every industry are focusing more and more on environmental responsibility. This week, we are looking at sustainable sneaker brands manufacturing their product lines to minimise their impact on the environment. Whether that’s through recycling initiatives or the use of innovative materials, we can guarantee that these three brands are designing, sourcing and producing their shoes responsibly.


Hylo's Women's Running Shoe
‘There are 25 billion pairs of running shoes made every year – enough to go round the earth 300 times – and most made from plastic. Hardly any of them are recyclable.’

Hylo are bringing you the latest in sustainable sportswear. Using simple, lightweight and renewable materials including corn fibre, natural rubber and organic cotton, their running shoes and brand ethos is all about minimalism. From the shoe design to the all-natural materials that make up the shoe and its packaging, Hylo’s are high performing, built for purpose and completely recyclable. 

"The world certainly doesn’t need another synthetic trainer. The textiles industry currently accounts for more emissions than the entire aviation and shipping industries combined. This has to stop, now."

When the shoes reach their end-of-life, Hylo turns the fabrics into compost, and the rubber gets broken down to make new shoes. In return, you will receive £10 credit for a new pair!

Run with Hylo, for a sustainable spring in your step.

Thousand Fell

Thousand Fell Lace-Up sneakers

Thousand Fell’s are made using recycled bottles, natural rubber and even food waste such as coconut husks and sugarcane to replace unnecessary plastic. TF’s offer two styles. Keeping it simple with their lace-up and slip-on options for men and women, each available with a pop of colour on the back of the heel. 

Super comfortable, everyday sneakers made from sustainable materials. Their main features include a biodegradable leather material that won’t cause blisters, even when the shoes are brand-new. A stain-proof and water-resistant, Quartz coating ensures your white sneakers not only look fresh but also smell fresh with their breathable aloe vera mesh liner. Finished off with snug insoles made from recycled rubber yoga mats to keep your feet cushioned and supported all day.

“The current system where we take resources, make goods, and then throw them away is no longer working for the environment. With 97% of all shoes ending up in landfill.”

Thousand Fell’s are built to last and designed to be recycled. Once you’re finished with them, you can send them back for free in exchange for $20 credit. From there, if they are still wearable, they are cleaned and donated, giving sneakers a second life with Soles4Souls or disassembled and up-cycled as part of Thousand Fell’s SuperCycle initiative.


Allbirds range of shoes

As a certified B corporation, Allbirds have surpassed third-party verified environmental and social thresholds. They are dedicated to full transparency and traceability when it comes to their products, even labelling each product with a carbon footprint. From the carbon emitted during its production to customer use and disposal, carbon emissions provide a number that encourages consumers to track and be aware of their impact on the environment.

“It provides clarity to the conversation around sustainability and allows for a future in which shoppers can compare carbon numbers at the mall just like they do nutritional labels in grocery aisles.”

Comfortable and breathable, they are constructed with natural, environmentally friendly materials like merino wool and eucalyptus tree fibre. Wool has natural properties that lends itself well to footwear, not only is it renewable, it is also temperature-regulating, and moisture-wicking.

Allbirds are knitted in Italy with proprietary technology and have soles made from a combination of rubber and foam (as well as more-sustainable castor bean oil-based components) that is both lightweight and resilient enough for running. From everyday sneakers, high tops, to flats, they offer a wide range of footwear options offering comfort with each step.

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