Skin care brands that are trying to save the planet.

Simple and sustainable skin care that's kind to you and good for the planet.
We have chosen 3 DTC skin care brands that are mindful of the environment both in their formulations and packaging.


Aárd soap cube collection

Aárd produces a range of soap cubes designed to simplify your skin and hair care routines as their products are suitable for shampoo, body wash and face cleanser.

Their four-ingredient formula is entirely natural and essential. Olive oil is a vital ingredient that possesses multiple properties including itch relief for those who suffer from irritable skin. It also gently moisturises the skin without stripping it of its natural oils while protecting the skin with its natural antioxidant content.

Laurel berry oil is a natural antibacterial, antiviral and anti-inflammatory agent that is perfect for dry, sensitive and problematic skin. Soothing, nourishing and healing for both skin and scalp, this is another oil that serves a great purpose in your daily routine.

Finally, water and lye are key components when creating their signature soap cubes however no lye remains in the finished product as it disappears in the saponification process.

With three cubes to choose from, each is targeted at particular areas whether that’s normal, combination or problematic skin, the ratio of laurel determines which range is best suited to you. Based on a 4,000 year old recipe, it has stood the test of time so next time you wash you should know exactly what you are using on your body and scalp.

Make life easy and choose Aárd.


Typology Skin care range

Typology is built from a direct to consumer model which enables them to sell premium skin care products at a great price. Their approach is all about going back to basics, using only essential, natural active ingredients sourced from sustainable farms using gentle extraction techniques in their products. 

“Staying true to our philosophy of simplicity and transparency, we intend to remain uncompromising in our mission to offer consumers a premium natural skincare alternative.”

Every step in their production, packaging and delivery process has a focus on sustainability. They use materials such as glass and aluminium to ensure that their products stay fresh and after they are finished can be recycled repeatedly. They also consider the shape of their bottles to optimise shipping and therefore lower their carbon footprint.

Their efforts to secure B corp certification challenges their corporate purpose and prioritises not only their environmental impact but also highlights their social responsibility which demonstrates their commitment to both people and planet.

If you’re looking for simple and effective formulas, Typology offers all the skin care products you could ever need.


Faace masks

Faace is the fuss-free, easy to apply range of face masks that help your skin fight whatever it is up against in life. Whether that’s tiredness, over-exercising or your time of the month there is a product for you - simple and straight-forward.

Face the reality that you don’t always read the ingredients in your skin care products let alone know what function they serve. Using ethically sourced, cruelty-free, vegan and 100% plant derived ingredients, their products are produced in the UK and transparency between business and consumer is encouraged. Faace offers an in-depth ingredient glossary to help you understand what that list actually means and easily read up on what purpose it serves.

“Our say-what-you-see products are uncomplicated, versatile and results-driven. Faace is an inclusive and affordable answer to every skin situation.”

As a company, they are invested in their audience of women donating to both Hey Girls, a social enterprise that helps reduce period poverty and The Menopause Charity, an organisation built to support those who need advice to navigate that time of their lives.

Take things beyond face value and don’t just feel good but do good.

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