Our Favourite Brands From This Year’s Balance Festival

For wellness warriors, foodies and fitness fanatics, Balance Festival is the destination to explore brands promoting healthy and sustainable lifestyles. Balance Festival returned to the streets of Shoreditch last weekend to bring together inspiring brands and conscious consumers committed to achieving a better self.
We attended Balance Festival this year and got to discover both upcoming and established direct-to-consumer brands transforming the wellness and sustainability space. Here are the top brands that stood out to us at Balance Festival this year.
Balance for Nutrition - Ful Foods

Ful Foods is bringing balance to your soda craving with plant-friendly, superfood-infused drinks. Underlying their delicious sparkling beverages is FUL®, a climate active nutrient derived from Spirulina (a blue-green algae enriched with vitamins and minerals). FUL® superfood benefits the body through its anti-inflammatory, energising, immune-boosting and hydration properties. Not only can you balance your health with Ful Foods, but also your environmental impact. FUL® Superfood converts CO2 into oxygen, acting as a CO2 store rather than as an emitter. 

Balance for your Mouth - OH MY GUM!

If you doubted that a sustainable option to chewing gum could be created then we’re here to introduce you to OH MY GUM! This award-winning, plant-based and plastic-free chewing gum brand are providing an option for those who strive to live a planet-friendly lifestyle. After realising that gum contained plastic, Malak, the founder of OH MY GUM! set on a mission to formulate a biodegradable and sugar-free alternative to the chewing gum that we’re used to. 

Balance for the Morning - London Nootropics

Engaging in some much-needed me-time is a great way to rejuvenate and find balance. Your morning coffee is a great place to start. London Nootropics provide all the caffeine without any of the jitters using high-quality natural nootropics and adaptogens from around the globe. Their coffee blends help the body and mind adapt to stressors while enhancing cognitive performance and improving brain health. By making adaptogens easily accessible, London Nootropics are helping you find flow and balance within busy lifestyles. Indulge in your morning coffee away from distractions (that includes emails) to reduce stress, unwind and function at your optimum.

Balance for Snacking - Brave Foods

Striving for nutritional balance does not mean giving up on a tasteful afternoon snack. If you thought chickpeas and peas were just for the dinner plate, you were wrong! Brave Foods are providing a sustainable alternative to snacking. Made from chickpeas and peas, their snacks emit low levels of greenhouse gases and use little amounts of land compared to other high-protein foods. Brave Food’s range of delicious sweet and savoury snacks support gut health via 5-7g of fibre per pack and promote muscle recovery with 7g of protein per pack. With over 10 flavours you can continue to indulge in your snack obsession guilt-free.

Balance for the Skin - Hayo’u Method

Our skin reflects imbalances in our lifestyle such as stress, toxin exposure and a lack of sleep. Restore these imbalances with Hayo’u Method, a self-care brand for mind and body support. Utilising practices of Chinese Medicine, Hayo'u Method has created beauty tools that offer one-minute rituals to restore many of the modern ailments that have risen from busy and unbalanced lifestyles (such as poor skin, digestive issues, depression and anxiety). Made from jade stone, the tools possess natural cleansing and filtration properties to remove toxins while supporting circulation and lymphatic drainage. Get ready to achieve restorative relief and thankful skin with Hayo’u Method. 

Balance for the Mind - Moment Company 

A calm and collected mind is as important as anything to achieving balance. The Moment Company provides you with a chance to rest and reset in order to avoid worries creeping in. By using the Moment Pebble you can take short mindful micro-pauses throughout the day to achieve clarity of thought and recognise your feelings. The Moment Pebble and Programme guide you through a breathwork series to reverse the effects of stress and anxiety, utilising the power of meditation and mindfulness to feel focused, reduce depression and improve sleep. 

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