Carbon neutral clothing companies campaigning for a cleaner future

Clothing brands that are working to reduce their carbon emissions.
The fashion industry is responsible for 10% of global carbon emissions. The following clothing companies are working on ways to reduce the impact that this is having on the environment with limited collections, innovative materials and increased transparency.


Neutrale Clothing

Neutrale is a clothing brand built on three key principles: sustainability, durability and responsibility.

Based in Madrid, they create everyday essentials in clothing, accessories and objects, using GOTS certified organic cotton and natural materials. Their aim is to “design impactful products that can help you consume less, but better.” 

Adopting this mindset has led them to explore new processes and materials to help with their transition to a waste-less circular economy. Their refusal to bow down to the ‘fast-fashion’ tropes of trends and instead curating collections that are made to last allows consumers to consider the ways that shopping more sustainably can benefit them in more ways than one.

With a timeless range of high quality, comfortable and stylish pieces, Neutrale provides you with garments that not only look good and feel good but also do good.


Pangaia Collection

Pangaia is a sustainable clothing brand and materials science company using smart technology to develop a range of sustainable and recyclable products. On a mission to do more for the environment, they use bio-based dyes, recycled fibres and innovative materials. Plants such as peppermint naturally have antibacterial properties which means that their clothes stay fresh for longer.

They are pioneers in climate positive action. From design to production, their garments are made to limit their environmental impact. They are committed to reducing their carbon footprint not only by making their products carbon neutral but also planting, protecting or restoring trees to ensure the preservation of our planet.

In an effort to be as transparent as possible each of their garments come with a QR code to scan which allows consumers to learn about the product’s lifecycle including how it’s made and its environmental impact. 

Their dedication to reducing their carbon footprint is both admirable and evidently working. If you too are looking to be more mindful of your impact on the environment, Pangaia is a great place to start.

Sheep Inc

Sheep Inc Medium Knit sweater

Sheep Inc is a knitwear company with a focus on creating garments that leave behind zero emissions, zero harm and zero waste.

Verified by Carbon Footprint Ltd, each garment has a negative CO2 impact, meaning that each piece of knitwear naturally removes more CO2 from the atmosphere than its manufacturing produces - without the need to offset emissions.

Each garment is 100% traceable, down to the sheep, exclusively from stations that are ZQ certified ensuring that they conform to the highest animal welfare standards. Each sheep is  also fitted with a digital tracker that means you can keep up to date with its general life events such as when it’s been shorn or when it’s had lambs.

Using 100% solar-powered, 3D Wholegarment technology, each garment is knitted to allow a zero excess manufacturing process resulting in no waste at all.

This type of design innovation seems from the future, but it’s here for you now. 

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